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Norbags is a conscious and responsible company. It knows that it is as important to have values as to put them into practice, respecting nature, community and society.

In the last few years, it has implemented non-aggressive and non-polluting environmental technologies in all the stages of production.

Since its creation, Norbags continuously invests in information, qualification and preservation of its cooperators and their family’s health.

This policy has accomplished very positive business results. That is why social liability it’s not a new policy for this company, it is the consolidation of a process that had its beginning in a distant past that secures growth for the future.

The Human Face Management style is the company’s DNA. It comes from reference values, it originated a high focused mission in our customers and in a management model built on share and dialog.

Trough time Norbags managed to obtain a unique differentiation because since the beginning it developed a strategy based on social liability that assembles all parts originating a Human Face system, which is characterized by dialog an innovation.

To Norbags, social and environmental responsibility is more than the accomplishment of its projects, it’s a management that the company proposes to incorporate it in their operations and activities it’s the accountability of its impacts in society and environment.

Norbags reviews its productions’ methods and consumptions patterns in a way that the company’s success is not obtained at any cost, but considering social and environmental consequences of the Norbags administration.

Norbags tries to reinforce the company with positive attitudes to build a more just and sustainable society, making it a better company.


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