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In Norbags’ daily life, and mostly in the last 15 years, the word quality is more and more frequent in Norbags’ vocabulary.

As any company needs its clients its quality is always focused on them, since it is for them and their satisfaction that this company works and exists.

Norbags main goals:

Satisfy their client’s needs – the company’s respect for quality is in total harmony amongst what is produced and what its client needs.
Increasing productivity, trying to suppress all of the product or service’s flaws, increasing its quality with the lowest possible cost.

Instigate its workers social and professional satisfaction so they can feel satisfied and motivated.

Quality regarding the product’s performance – ability to generate satisfaction, also named of client’s perspective; in this definition a quality increase usually means higher costs.

Quality regarding flaws – aims to permanently perfect all stages of production. It implies a waste reduction, a decrease of post sales costs and improve the company’s image, also seen as the producer’s perspective. In this point, quality increase usually means a cost reduction.

Quality in the excellence point of view – a widened concept which main goal is the client’s total satisfaction. It regards all company’s sectors and has as goal its perfecting in a continuous way. Quality is more than a gathering of all its factors, it leads in a controlled and significant way to a global costs reduction.

In Norbags the total Quality management corresponds to a company’s culture, where everybody works hard to obtain perfection at their posts. This means a full individual commitment aiming to high quality results. In this process, people are the company’s biggest asset and their importance is crucial for their motivation, creativity increase and individual productivity.


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